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Tutorial: How To Submit New Resume

Tutorial: How to Submit New Resume

Web Automaton offers free access to million jobs including work from home, remote, online job, full-time, part time and freelance jobs.

Freelancer Registration

If you don’t have an account, you may navigate to Freelancer Menu for your registration.

JobSeeker Tab

It will show you 2 options.

  • Registration
  • Find a Job

jobseeker menu

When you click on Registration, fill up the form below.

jobseeker registration form

When you click on Register button, you will be redirected to this page. Make sure to confirm your email and click on the activation link sent from your email.

jobseeker confirmation

After confirming your email, you will be directed to login page.

Submit Resume

Here is a guide of how to submit resume on Web Automaton so that your resume will be visible by employers from outside the country.

Fill up the form below. Attach your photo and most update resume. If ever you don’t have an account, this form will automatically create an account for you after filling up and clicking on Preview and Submit Resume button. It will allow you to automatically sign in. Then, you start changing your password on Candidate Profile.

submit resume form

After filling up this form, you need to click on Preview button for previewing your resume. Once it looks good for you, you may click on Submit Resume button.

submit resume preview

Make sure you click on Submit Resume button to save your resume. Then, your resume will be visible to all employers. You may click on this link below to view your resume.

view resume link

This is how your resume will be viewed by all employers. Then, they will be able to download your resume document by clicking on resume link and will be able to contact you by clicking on Contact button.

submit resume view


You can start now applying to online jobs. If you have more questions, you may view Candidate FAQs.  After using this, don’t forget to log out your profile for your protection and safety.


Enjoy Applying!

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