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Overview Of The Online Jobs And Outsourcing Hiring Process

Overview of the Online Jobs and Outsourcing Hiring Process

Overview of the Online Jobs and Outsourcing Hiring Process

Hiring your very first team members can be an unnerving experience. That is why most newbie entrepreneurs turn to freelancers to do the tasks instead of hiring full-time employees. This way, it is much cheaper and less hassle especially when it comes to paperwork and on boarding time.

Here is a rundown on how to successfully hire the perfect freelancer to carry out the tasks.

Where to find them?

Freelancing Platforms

There are numerous good writing, design and creative freelancers online. These dedicated platforms will allow you to explore their profiles, as well as post your projects. They also provide rating systems that can help you in evaluating possible freelancers based on their recent project.

Portfolio Sites

These sites will basically give you a preview of their best work. This is the best way to find people who are especially creative like designers, copywriters and developers.

Social Platforms

Since it is the age of social media, sites like Twitter and Facebook can be useful too. Reddit is also a good platform wherein you can find sub-reddits of people offering their services. You can also post and make use of its sub-reddit to describe your project.

How to Evaluate Freelance Candidates?

Make sure to read reviews

Look into their reviews from previous clients and if any issues have come up or if they have consistently low ratings, consider other possible candidates.

Carefully study their portfolio

You may need to explore projects that they have worked on before. If you are looking for a specific skill or a certain level of expertise, choose those who have worked on similar tasks to yours.

Offer a smaller paid project first

You may want to ask them to work on an independent task first. It is important to judge the quality of their work first-hand.

Schedule a meet up

A personal meet up might not often be possible but try to schedule an online meeting through phone or video. Talk to them, explain the project thoroughly and let them ask questions when needed.

Show your appreciation

If you are happy and satisfied with their work, make sure that you keep them on your radar. Maybe in the future, you will need their services again. Here are a few of the things you can do:

  • Leave great ratings and reviews on their profiles.
  • You can thank them through their social media account publicly where people can see.
  • Refer them to fellow entrepreneurs or affiliated business as freelancers.

Hiring a freelancer can be a wonderful investment for your business, but putting in mind the many considerations above is important. This way, you can be aware of what you are getting yourself into. However, most of the time, freelancers are truly dedicated professionals. They bring in expertise as well as experience when you need them. If you are patient enough to hire and manage freelancers properly, for sure both parties will benefit from a great and successful collaboration.

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