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Web Automaton protects the privacy of each user, job seeker, freelancer, employer, customer, etc.  We will not disclose it to anyone.  You’ve got questions about us, and we have answers listed below. If you cannot find the questions listed below or you have any concern, you may use our contact form to send your message. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. See Web Automaton FAQ below.

About us and our services

What are your most popular services?

Most client purchase our popular services listed below:

  • Premium/Business Website Development
  • Online Shop Builder
  • Managed Web Hosting
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing

We help all businesses up to 50% savings on a team assistance cost to grow their business and to get their brand visibility in the search engine and social media. When you hire a full-time employee/freelancer, it will cost you a lot  and there is no guarantee that your employee would stay for long and there is no guarantee the Knowledge Transition would completely be transferred to your team. Instead, choose us to be part of your team because we have the process and the platform will take care of the pending tasks, skills, services, and documentation. We don’t worry if our employee will leave your project. This is why we called Web Automaton platform.

We are 100% dedicated to providing only the best services to our clients, which is why all of our customers are very happy and give us 5 out of 5 stars every time. We are going to focus on your business needs. There is no harm when you try it because our pricing is not too expensive for your business and you may cancel our services after 6 months. We want you to think it over again and again.

Do you have any other services?

Yes, we have other services such as  Enterprise Web Application Development, Cloud Deployment, Microservices Architecture Development, Mobile App Development and RESTful Service Development. We use the modern technologies such  as the following:

  • Spring Boot
  • MongoDB NoSQL
  • Oracle 10g/11g/12c
  • PostgreSQL
  • Netflix’s Eureka
  • AngularJS
  • Spring Batch
  • Hibernate/MyBatis
  • Spring Cloud
  • Android

We have experience in developing, architecting, and managing search engine, full-text search, analytics products and the big data processing with Hadoop MapReduce and Hive. Plus, we have experience in creating 2 batch parallel and partition processing using Spring Booth Batch + Multi-threading and using Hadoop MapReduce and Hive for performance comparison and optimization.

We have experience in deploying the web-based app, database, and the batch into the cloud server with load balancing using AWS EC2, Siteground and Google Cloud Server Platform. We design the cloud deployment using AWS EC2, Siteground and GCP with minimal cost. We manage the cloud cost optimization by right-sizing the services and instances to meet capacity needs at the lower cost. We always monitor and track services usage to optimize savings.

We can also create an enterprise application like School, Hospital, Data Warehouse, Inventory, Transportation, Batch Application, etc.

Let us know when we will contact you. We will send you the budget proposal.

Do your themes include support?

Yes, we do until your plan is cancelled. We always improve the performance of our themes and templates. We always check our website content speed using our own tool. We will share it to you.

May I upgrade the plan from Basic to Premium?

Yes, you may upgrade anytime.

May I downgrade the plan from Premium to Basic?

Yes, you may downgrade after 6 months because we have implemented our premium services in your website.  We cannot remove anything because we will experience an error and it will take some time to be fixed. After 6 months, we will not remove anything from your previous plan and we will continue to work based on the basic plan.

What is the difference between SEO basic and SEO sliver plans?

For SEO Basic, we will do the following basic services for your website:

  • Submit your site to the major search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Update your site on the webmaster tool.
  • Update the focus keyword, meta description, slug, and link.
  • Optimize the content of your post/article that should be related to the keyword, meta description, SEO title and the image alt attribute
  • Create a facebook fan page, Share your article and Invite some friends to like your page.

For SEO silver plan, you may find a few information on this link

What if I cancel my package plan?

You may cancel our plan/service after 6 months. We will transfer the website, the regular license and the domain to you except for the SEO services and documentation. We will not remove anything. However, it would be possible for you to get additional cost from your new web hosting provider when we transfer the domain and website.

If you cancel it within 6 months, you need to pay the whole 6 month package.

How can I cancel my plan?

Only the owner can send the cancellation request letter to If not possible,  you should create the authorization letter with the signature and the ID screenshot of the owner.  Once you made the payment for the whole 6 months, we will cancel the plan so that the billing cycle will stop.

How can I tell my website has implemented SEO and has been promoted?

We will send you the analytics report and SEO results.

What are your hours of operation?

Our business operation is open at 9:00am- 5:00pm Monday-Friday, Manila Time. If you have an urgent issue about our platform, we have technical support to assist you within 24/7.

What are the qualifications of my business?

Web Automaton will check clients, suppliers and other business partners against the control watch list when they are entered into our services and systems. This helps  ensure we do not do business with prohibited individuals, organizations and businesses.

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