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Web Automaton protects the privacy of each user, freelancer, employer, customer, etc.  We will not disclose it to anyone.  You’ve got questions about us, and we have answers listed below. If you cannot find the questions listed below or you have any concern, you may use our contact form to send your message. Just do it. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. See Candidate FAQ below.

Employer's Questions

Who we are

We are helping Filipinos to find online jobs and work at the comfort of their homes. We have different employers from the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, Asian, and Singapore who are looking for Filipino employees to work for them.

How it works

Here is a rundown on how to successfully hire the perfect freelancer to carry out the tasks.

Where to find them?

  • Freelancing Platforms. There are numerous good writing, design and creative freelancers online. These dedicated platforms will allow you to explore their profiles, as well as post your projects. They also provide rating systems that can help you in evaluating possible freelancers based on their recent project.
  • Portfolio Sites. These sites will basically give you a preview of their best work. This is the best way to find people who are especially creative like designers, copywriters and developers.
  • Social Platforms. Since it is the age of social media, sites like Twitter and Facebook can be useful too. Reddit is also a good platform wherein you can find subreddits of people offering their services. You can also post and make use of its subreddit to describe your project.

How to Evaluate Freelance Candidates?

  • Make sure to read reviews. Look into their reviews from previous clients and if any issues have come up or if they have consistently low ratings, consider other possible candidates.
  • Carefully study their portfolio. You may need to explore projects that they have worked on before. If you are looking for a specific skill or a certain level of expertise, choose those who have worked on similar tasks to yours.
  • Offer a smaller paid project first. You may want to ask them to work on an independent task first. It is important to judge the quality of their work first-hand.
  • Schedule a meet up. A personal meet up might not often be possible but try to schedule an online meeting through phone or video. Talk to them, explain the project thoroughly and let them ask questions when needed.

Show your appreciation

If you are happy and satisfied with their work, make sure that you keep them on your radar. Maybe in the future, you will need their services again. Here are a few of the things you can do:

  • Leave great ratings and reviews on their profiles.
  • You can thank them through their social media account publicly where people can see.
  • Refer them to fellow entrepreneurs or affiliated business as freelancers.

Is this full-time or part time job?

It’s up to you that you can offer full-time or part-time job to freelancer

How will I communicate freelancer?

You may use Skype to communicate with Freelancer.

Can you keep private and confidential of my personal information?

Yes, we protect your personal information against unauthorized access. We will not disclose it to anyone.

When and How will I pay freelancer?

You should pay to Freelancer’s PayPal account semi-monthly or monthly basis.  You may  use your currency based in your country.  If you don’t have account, you must click on the correct link below to register.  It’s recommended to use PayPal for tracking and monitoring the freelancer payroll history.

What if the freelancer did not perform well?

During the interview, you should already evaluate and assess the freelancer’s skills before hire. If they are already hired, discuss them regarding your expectations. If you are not satisfied with their performance, you may send an email to your freelancer and you want to look for another freelancer. However, you don’t have to ask Freelancer to pay you back as it is your obligation to review their profile and portfolio carefully. They already work for you. We suggest that you should hire smart people and they should tell you what to do for your business.

How to register as an employer?

You need to post your job.

How to change my password?

You need to login first. Then, navigate to My Account > Account details page. If you forgot  your password, you may click on Lost Your Password.

How to view all freelancers' resume? Why can't I view the resume listings?

If you have an account, you may login first.  Then, navigate to Resume Listings. If ever you don’t have access to view the freelancer’s resume, you must first post a job so that they will understand your requirements. You may pay as you use. After that payment, you may view all freelancers’ resume.

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