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Web Automaton protects the privacy of each user, freelancer, employer, customer, etc.  We will not disclose it to anyone.  You’ve got questions about us, and we have answers listed below. If you cannot find the questions listed below or you have any concern, you may use our contact form to send your message. Just do it. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. See Candidate FAQ below.

Candidate's Questions

Who we are

We are helping Freelancers to find online jobs and work at the comfort of their homes. We have different employers from the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Asian, and Singapore who are looking for employees to work for them.

What are the requirements of applying for work online jobs

In order for you to work online with your employer at home.

  • You must have own computer at home
  • You must have fast internet access

Is this full-time or part time job?

You can work full time or part time. You should inform your employer regarding your availability and work schedule.

Do I have the skills to do the Job?

It depends on the requirements of the employer. The employer will determine first whether you have the necessary skills for the position. e.g. article or content writing, English writer/speaker, SEO specialist, webmaster, web designer, virtual assistant, web promoter, data encoder, graphics designer, inbound call center agent, medical transcription, outbound call center agent, piano instructor /mentor, forum or blog posting,  database administrator, Facebook developer, WordPress developer or programmer. You should be honest to your employer about your skills.

How will they interview me?

Usually, an employer will interview you via email or chat. You must have skype or gmail or yahoo account. Please check your email regularly.

What are the usual questions of an interviewer during the interview?

  • Your availability and work schedule
  • Your skills
  • Your portfolio.  You should provide a few examples of what you have accomplished in your previous project or company

Can you keep private and confidential of my personal information?

Yes, we protect your personal information against unauthorized access. We will not disclose it to anyone.

When and How will they pay me?

Your employer will pay to your PayPal account semi-monthly or monthly basis. If you don’t have account, you must click on the correct link below to register. Please take note that our company is never asking you to pay or pay back to your employer. You will never pay anything to get a job. Do not share your credit card information with your employer.

What if I don't get paid?

When you’re done with the work successfully and they don’t pay you, we will do an investigation for 30 days because we will talk to your employer. Provide us the proof that you have finished the work and we will pay you for the job you’ve done. The employer will be automatically blocked from our database and will not be able to hire someone again.

Job Interview Tips

  • Be concise. Listen first to your employer before you answer.
  • Provide examples of your previous project.
  • Be honest
  • Keep your guard up. Always maintain your professionalism
  • Ask Great Questions so that they will determine your role and interest.
  • Please say Thank You to you employer after your interview.
  • Don’t accept the job if you don’t know the skills

Your Protection Against Fraud

  • DO NOT accept the job if they ask you to pay the processing fee for any reason
  • DO NOT give Credit Card Numbers and PIN to an employer
  • DO NOT pay to your employer for any reason
  • DO NOT agree to have funds or paychecks directly deposited to any of your accounts by an employer.
  • DO NOT forward, transfer or “wire” money to an employer
  • DO NOT transfer money and retain a portion for payment.

How to change my password?

You need to login first. Then, navigate to My Account > Account details page.  If you forgot your password, you may click on Lost Your Password.


How to submit resume?

If you don’t have an account, you can create one below by entering your email address. Your account details will be confirmed via email.

If you have an account, you may login first.

submit resume form

After filling up this form, you need to click on Preview button that will view your resume. Once it looks good for you, you may click on Submit  Resume button to save your resume. See screenshot below. Your resume will be visible to all employers.

submit resume preview

If you still don’t understand, you may find the tutorial here.

How to register as a candidate?

You need to submit your resume first on this Submit Resume.

How to edit my resume?

You may login first. Then, proceed with Candidate Dashboard under Freelancer Menu. See screenshots below.

candidate dashboard

You may click on Edit link  under your resume file.

Edit Resume

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